MyLevel is a Facebook game which allows users to create their own retro video game level and share it with their Facebook friends.Players are encouraged to create challenging levels and to earn points which can be used to make even more challenging levels. The game takes a new approach to social gaming, emphasising a players’ creativity and competitiveness and letting them share this through Facebook.

MyLevel aims to be a social game that lets its users share something interesting on Facebook. Your average friend probably doesn’t care two hoots if you just built a barn or found a cow. But if you say ‘Hey, check out this level I made!’ or take some time brag about how you beat your friend’s latest level then you’re actually communicating something of value and not just giving your friends status updates on your current progress through the game.

MyLevel was jointly developed with Jumbuck Entertainment as part of their Launchpad start-up commercialisation program and is the first project to be developed through the scheme.

To play MyLevel on Facebook click here!